Dave Weckl (Saint Louis, 8 gennaio 1960) è un batterista statunitense, considerato uno dei batteristi jazz/fusion più influenti e tecnicamente dotati di tutti i tempi.



Weckl attended Francis Howell High School in St. Charles, Missouri, and graduated in 1978. He majored in jazz studies at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Starting out on the New York fusion scene in the early 1980s, Weckl soon began working with artists such as Paul SimonMadonnaGeorge BensonMichel CamiloRobert Plant and Anthony Jackson. His most famous early work though, where his popularity blossomed, was with the Chick Corea Elektric Band from 1985 to 1991.[citation needed]

Weckl spent a total of seven years with Corea, during which he performed on many albums and also appeared with Corea's Akoustic Band.[2][3] He augmented his work with Corea by continuing his session work and appearing often with the GRP All-Star Big Band. He recorded four albums in 1988 and 1989 with the Manhattan Jazz Quintet. Weckl has released a series of instructional videotapes, and in 1990, he led his first solo date, Master Plan, for GRP. Heads Up followed in 1992, as well as Hard-Wired in 1994.[3]

After leaving Corea's band, Weckl recorded and toured with guitarist Mike Stern.[4] Under his own name, he has been the leader of twelve recordings since 1990, seven of which as the Dave Weckl Band. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he has his own home studio.[5]


Dave Weckl:

  • 1990 – Master Plan (GRP)
  • 1992 – Heads Up (GRP)
  • 1993 – J.K. Special (Lipstick)
  • 1994 – Hard Wired (GRP)

Dave Weckl Band:

  • 1998 – Rhythm of the Soul (Stretch)
  • 1999 – Synergy (Stretch)
  • 2000 – Transition (Stretch)
  • 2001 – The Zone (Stretch)
  • 2002 – Perpetual Motion (Stretch)
  • 2003 – Live (And Very Plugged In) (Stretch)
  • 2005 – Multiplicity (Stretch)

Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver:

  • 2014 – Convergence

The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band:

  • 2015 – Of the Same Mind


With Chuck Loeb and Andy LaVerne


  • 1988 – Back to Basics (DCI music)
  • 1990 – The Next Step (DCI music)
  • 1993 – Working It Out: Latin Percussion I - With Walfredo Reyes, Sr. (DCI music)
  • 1993 – Working It Out: Latin Percussion II - With Walfredo Reyes, Sr. (DCI Music)
  • 2000 – How to Develop Your Own Sound (Carl Fischer publishing)
  • 2000 – How to Practice (Carl Fischer publishing)
  • 2000 – How to Develop Technique (Carl Fischer publishing)


  • 1988 – Back to Basics
  • 1992 – The Next Step (Manhattan Music)
  • 1994 – Contemporary Drummer + One (Manhattan Music)
  • 1997 – Ultimate Play-Along for Drums level I vol. I (Alfred Publishing Company)
  • 1997 – Ultimate Play-Along for Drums level I vol. II (Alfred Publishing Company)
  • 2001 – In Session with the Dave Weckl Band (Carl Fischer Music)
  • 2004 – Exercises for Natural Playing (Carl Fischer Music)



Yamaha Drums Yamaha Hardware
10x7" tom Hex Rack (when available)
12x8" tom SS-950 snare stand
14x13" floor tom TH 840 tom holder
14" snare drum CS-865 boom stands
16x15" floor tom CH-755 cymbal holders w booms
22x17" bass drum CHH-930 hi hat
  DS-840 Drum Seat (round)
  DFP-9500C Flying Pedals
(straps, not chains)
  CSAT-924 straight accessory clamps



   Evolution Legacy
A.  14" hi hats  14" hi hats
B.  17" Effekts (3 rivets)  
C. 18" Crash 20" Ride (big bell)
D.  10" splash  
E.  7" splash  
F. 21 or 22" ride (big bell) 22" Heavy Ride (1 rivet) 
G.  17" crash  
H.  14" China  
I.  18" O Zone


Signature Sticks

The EVOLUTION signature stick was designed by Vic Firth and Dave to correlate with changes Dave made to his playing approach in the late '90s. 

It has a slightly heavier front end than his original signature stick (the red one), producing a great balance from a 'center of gravity' balance point, allowing rebound to happen with very little effort. It is similar in size to a 5A, with a different tip and different balance in the front end.

The SDW features a barrel tip for a broad cymbal sound. It's fast, with great leverage, and is available in wood or nylon tip (SDWN). L = 16 1/4", Dia. = .560"

The SDW2 features a short tear drop tip on a 5A shaft. It provides superior cymbal definition with excellent rebound. It is also now available with a nylon tip. L = 16", Dia. = .563"


  Remo Drum Heads

Remo, the recognized leader in drumheads, has a wide assortment products to suit the needs of every drummer and every situation.

Dave currently uses coated Ambassador batter heads for all his drums (including bass drums). He wants all of his drums to have the same attack and tone characteristics; to sound and feel like ONE instrument. Dave uses clear Ambassadors on the under side of toms and ambassador-weight heads on the snare side of his snare drums. 
  Remo Bass Drum Muffling System

Dave and Herbie May, from Remo, designed this bass drum muffling system. It was based on a concept Dave learned from Simon Phillips, which was to roll up a towel and tape it to the head and shell. 

This system uses a felt-covered tube that lays on the shell next to the head, fastened with clamps that velcro to the shell. The clamps can be moved in tight or farther away from the head for any desired dampening. 

It comes in three sizes for 22", 20" and 18" bass drums. The smaller 18" version works well on the front head too.
Remo External Bass Drum Dampening System

Dave and Remo are working on an external bass drum dampening system for non-ported heads. Look for a produce release in the fall of 2017!
  Remo Active Drum Dampening System

Dave designed this innovative drum dampening system with the help of Herbie May, at Remo.

Putting something directly on the head such as tape or rings can muffle and drastically affect the sound and feel. The active dampening system has a floating plunger that acts like a physical noise gate, moving off the head upon impact to allow the drum to breath. It then comes back down to muffle the drum depending on your taste. 

The system was designed for snare drums, but can also be used on toms. In either case, the drum sound retains much of the feel. It is adjustable enough to clamp to most any rim. 
  Remo Valencia Series Bongos

These great sounding bongos can be heard on all of the Dave Weckl Band releases from Transition through Multiplicity. Dave found that they worked well with hands or sticks, and were a great addition to the drum set for adding "forward motion" with a different sound. 




On this DVD, Dave offers invaluable insights into the fundamentals of drumming. Topics covered include hand and foot technique, practice routines, and drum kit set-up and approach. An excellent overview of drum skills for any level drummer. DVD special features include bonus video performances featuring Dave and Walfredo Reyes Sr., guest performances by Steve Smith and Chad Smith, a complete Dave Weckl catalog preview, and printable educational materials.

On this DVD, Dave concentrates on time playing, constructing a groove, beat displacement, cymbal technique, phrasing, creating a drum part, playing in odd times, and soloing. This video also features three performances of songs from Contemporary Drummers + One, a Latin groove, and some fantastic solos.

An incredible audio/book/charts package which features an all-star band including Dave, Chick Corea, Michael Brecker, John Patitucci, and Steve Lukather. A studio chart is included for each of the nine songs, plus a detailed book in which Dave describes his grooves and fills, and his analysis of each chart.

VOL. 1 This book/CD package has been developed so that the beginning to intermediate drummer can practice in a wide range of styles along with all-star musicians Mike Stern on guitar and John Patitucci on bass. The styles covered include straight eighths, shuffle (blues), sixteenth-note feel, hip-hop (jazz funk), pop ballad, reggae (shuffle), and rock. Contains perforated "road map" charts for each tune.

VOL. 2 This book/CD package has been developed so that the beginning to intermediate drummer can practice in a wide range of styles along with all-star musicians Mike Stern on guitar and John Patitucci on bass. The styles covered include straight eighths, shuffle (blues), sixteenth-note feel, hip-hop (jazz funk), pop ballad, reggae (shuffle), and rock. Contains perforated "road map" charts for each tune.

Here is a chance for you to "sit-in" with the Dave Weckl band playing charts derived from the Weckl album Rhythm to the Soul. Each book contains a special play-along CD of the original pieces, but with the instrument in question omitted. That way the player gets to play with the band and experience the delight of music making with professionals. The book itself includes a complete chart of the player’s part, detailed explanations of how to perform the music, term definitions, concepts, musical examples and copious performance tips. With this book/CD,

Based on the award-winning A Natural Evolution DVD series, "Exercises for Natural Playing" (book and CD) offers the reader exciting new exercises and concepts not covered in the DVDs, as well as material complementary to the series.
One of the world’s greatest drummers, Dave provides written details, photos, and performance examples on the CD that will help players evolve their technique naturally. Sure to be a great resource for al drummers! Weckl provides key insight into:

• Hand positioning
• The Moeller Technique
• Bass drum pedal work
• Playing without losing time