Simon Phillips (Londra, 6 febbraio 1957) è un batterista britannico, noto soprattutto per essere stato il batterista dei Toto, molto rispettato per le indiscutibili doti tecniche e per la notevole poliedricità[senza fonte].

Lavora prevalentemente come turnista ed ha suonato con diversi artisti, tra cui Toto (con i quali ha lavorato dal 1992 dopo la scomparsa di Jeff Porcaro fino al 2014), Whitesnake, Joe Satriani, Mike Oldfield, Michael Schenker Group, Judas Priest e Pete Townshend. Inoltre, nel corso degli anni ottanta e a seguire ha composto molti singoli, come Protocol in cui egli stesso suona tutti gli strumenti. Phillips nel 2009 ha festeggiato il 30º anniversario con Tama, e proprio in onore del festeggiamento ha ricevuto un set in edizione limitata.



Simon Phillips is one of the most versatile and respected drummers today. He is an expert in English jazz fusion and rock. His interest in music started at an early age. He was first introduced to drums at age of three by his father, Sid Phillips, who himself was a bandleader. During his early years he used to practice on biscuit tins and toy kits and later, on cymbals. Simon’s first success came at the age of six, when his father let him record his two rehearsed songs during BBC recording sessions.

Phillips was born on February 2, 1957 in London, England. He was an ardent lover of music and spent a lot of time practicing drums. Phillips went to Winchester House School, but the routine at the school didn’t allow him time to practice or pursue his dream in music. He therefore joined Bushey Myrad’s Comprehensive School so that he could be part of the school band. It was while at school that he started gaining experience as a drummer. With this experience, his father invited him to tour Britain for concerts with his father’s Dixieland Band.

When his father died, Dixieland Band disbanded and Phillips opted for other bands. In1974, Phillips was offered a chance to play in a musical, “Jesus Christ Superstar”. His superb performance made him one of the most sought after drummers and he went on to do sessions with various bands and artists. His biggest break came in 1976 when he performed with Phil Manzanera and Brian Eno on the hit 801 Live record. From then on, his prominence as a drummer was unquestionable. He soon got assignments with several celebrated artists such Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Toto, Jeff Beck, Jordan Rudess, Brian, Toyah, The Who, Mike Oldfield, Trevor Rabin, Gary Moore, 10cc, Mick Jagger, Ph.D., Jeff Beck, Stanley Clark, Judas Pries, Mike Rutherford, John Wetton, Asia, to name but a few.

By 1979, Simon had toured outside Britain to U.S.A. and recorded “Rocks, Pebbles and Sand” with Stanley’s band. After this tour, Philip felt a stronger feeling to improve his music scope with more artistic styles and innovations. In 1989, he went toured America for The Who’s American Reunion Tour. He also played with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend when they made their solo records. Phillips also played with Judas Priest when the band recorded for their 1977 album, Sin After Sin and also played with the Germany renowned rock guitarist Michael Schenker when he recorded The Michael Schenker Group, his debut album. Among many albums that gave him instant fame was the “House Tricks”, which he recorded with The Bruce Band.

Among other notable works by Phillips includes playing with Derek Sherinian in Sherian’s four solo records, where he was the co-producer and helped in mixing the tracks. These records are Inertia Black Utopia, Mythology and Blood of the Snake. Phillips has also worked with Mike Oldfield as the co-producer in two of Oldfield’s albums. Phillips, along with Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and other notable artists appeared in the A.R.M.S. concert video of the 1983. The proceeds from this production were to benefit the late singer, songwriter and bassist Ronnie Lane.

Phillips joined Toto In 1992, to replace Jeff Porcaro who had died suddenly. Phillips had a good bonding with group. They nicknamed him “Si-Phi” or the shorter version, “Si”. While with Toto, Phillips handled the engineering matters in their studio recorded albums Through the Looking Glass and Falling In Between including also their live productions Livefields their 1999 album, and the 2003 DVD, Live in Amsterdam.

His artistic playing style and innovative ways of composing made him a band leader in a band which included experienced musicians like guitarist Ray Russells and bassist Anthony Jackson. This group recorded the album Another Lifetimes in 1997 and Vantage Point, which was released after three years. The albums had unique style, but with pure jazz. The following year “Interia”, “Out of the Blue”, “Moonbabies” and live CD “Live from Oz” were released. These albums were a montage of rock, fusion and jazz, showing a sensitive reflection of various moods.

During these years he toured around Europe, Asia and South America with his band. In 2004, Simon traveled many European countries like Italy, Germany among others playing and conducting drum workshops. Young drummers and music fans came from different countries to learn more about techniques and tuning of drums. He later said that he was really overwhelmed by the public response to the workshops.

Phillips is still busy today as he has always been, doing sessions, side projects and production work with various bands and artists. In 2006, he released a DVD with his jazz band, Vantage Point. The name of the DVD is Resolution, which he has co-produced with writer and pianist Jeff Babko, trumpeter Walt Fowler, saxophonist Brandon Fields and bassist Alphonso Johnson.



  • Protocol (Food for Thought, 1988)
  • Simon Phillips (Manhattan, 1992)
  • Force Majeure with Ray RussellAnthony Jackson, Tony Roberts (B&W, 1993)
  • Symbiosis (Lipstick, 1995)
  • Another Lifetime (Lipstick, 1997)
  • Out of the Blue (Victor, 1999)
  • Vantage Point with Jeff Babko (Jazzline, 2000)
  • Protocol II with Andy TimmonsSteve Weingart, Ernest Tibbs (Phantom, 2013)
  • Protocol III with Andy Timmons, Steve Weingart, Ernest Tibbs (In-akustik, 2015)
  • Protocol 4 with Greg Howe, Dennis Hamm, Ernest Tibbs (Phantom, 2017)


With 801

  • 801 Live (1976)
  • Listen Now (1977)
  • Live @ Hull (2009)
  • Latino (2013)
  • Manchester (2015)

With Jon Anderson

With Asia

With Jeff Beck

With Jack Bruce

With Steve Hackett

  • Beyond the Shrouded Horizon (WHD 2011)
  • At the Edge of Light (2019)

With Hiromi

  • Voice (Telarc, 2011)
  • Move (Telarc, 2012)
  • Alive (Telarc, 2014)
  • Move: Live in Tokyo (Telarc, 2014)
  • Spark (Telarc, 2016)

With Nik Kershaw

With Steve Lukather

With Gary Moore

With Mike Oldfield

With Ph.D.

With Joe Satriani

With Michael Schenker

With Derek Sherinian

With Toto

With Pete Townshend

With Toyah

With The Who

With Judas Priest



  • Due nelle misure di 24"x15"


  • 10"x7" Tom
  • 12"x9" Tom
  • 13"x10" Tom
  • 14"x11" Tom
  • 15"x12" Floor Tom
  • 16"x13" Floor Tom
  • 20"x14" Gong Bass Drum


  • 14"x6,5" Simon Phillips "Monarch" Signature Snare (SP1465)
  • 12"x5" Snare Drum (SP125)


  • Quattro Octobans Low Set (443mm, 472mm, 536mm e 600mm)


  • Due pedali Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide (HP900P)
  • Asta per Hi-hat Iron Cobra Lever Glide (HH905)
  • Sgabello Ergo-Rider (HT730)
  • Rack Tama

Piatti (Zildjian)

  • A 24" Swish Knocker
  • A 22" Oriental China
  • A Custom 22" Ride
  • A Custom 12" Splash
  • Proto Type Sound Lab 19"
  • Proto Type Sound Lab 18"
  • Proto Type Sound Lab 17"
  • Proto Type Sound Lab 14"
  • 10" Hi-hat

Simon usa bacchette signature Pro-Mark modello 5A e pelli Remo Ambassador

Per quanto riguarda il rulante signature, è stato realizzato secondo le specifiche dettate da lui stesso Il fusto consiste in due strati esterni di acero, tre centrali in bubinga e altri due interni in acero.