This has got to be one of the funkiest drum parts in history, Cissy Strut released in 1969 on The Meters self-titled debut. Above is the original part that Zigaboo played with two hands on the hihats. It's near impossible to replicate the feel and groove of Zig's original cut but I trust you'll have fun trying to find the pocket on this one. The hihat notes in brackets are optional. On the original Meters recording Zig starts the tune with out this note but adds it in later.

Below is a cleaner, more 'studio' take on the groove by Dennis Chambers from his Dennis Chambers: In The Pocket DVD. It's still played with that great New Orleans lope, but the kick drum part is stripped back nicely. Enjoy.


Here's another slinky groove from New Orleans funk master Zigaboo Modeliste. This is the basic drum groove that Zigaboo sits on for pretty much the entire song, spicing it up with some fills and variations throughout. For more of The Meters and Zigaboo check out Cissy Strut and Live Wire.

Just Kissed My Baby

The Meters are one of my favourite bands of all time because they take two of my favourite genres, funk and New Orleans creole music, and fuse them together into some of the grooviest, most rhythmic music ever recorded. This tune is a killer to play, due to Zigoboo's feel and the tempo (about quarters = 115bpm). If you are going to play this groove, I strongly recommend you hunt down the recording and get your head around the New Orleans pseudo swing feel that The Meters play so well. If you haven't listened to this style of music before, chances are you will miss the whole vibe of this groove. Check it out and have fun with it.