Dom Famularo (born 1953 in Long Island, New York), is a professional drummer.



Dom Famularo is a drummer, drum teacher, author, clinician and motivational speaker from Long Island, New York. He started playing when he was 11 and became a professional at the age of 12. Dom began his career as a performing jazz drummer. He studied under some of the greatest drummers of the 20th century, including Jim Chapin, and Joe Morello. With a passion for jazz and inspiring others, he began a successful drum teaching career, becoming one of the most sought-after clinicians of his time. Some of the most successful jazz and rock drummers have had instruction from Dom.

He has been called Drumming's Global Ambassador due to the many places he visits and vast number of people that hear him speak each year.[1] Dom is known for his open handed playing style. He is also the first western drummer to perform clinics in China.[2]

He has presented masterclasses and clinics around the globe in United States, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Costa Rica, Honduras, Puerto Rico, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Israel, Canary Islands, South Africa, Ukraine, Latvia and Botswana.

He has directed and emceed major drumming expos around the world, and has been one of drumming' s most sought-after private instructors for over 40 years. He has taught many of today's leading drummers, and students regularly fly in from around the globe for intensive study with Dom. Dom acts as Education Director and consultant for several leading drum companies.

Dom uses Mapex drumsSabian cymbals, Promark sticks, and Evans UV1 drum heads. He has signature series sticks by Promark. Famularo has shared the stage with many famous musicians—some include Steve GaddTerry BozzioB.B. KingThomas LangTommy IgoeWill Calhoun and Chad Smith. He is also a motivational speaker and the author of "Cycle of Self-Empowerment."

Dom was voted Best Clinician by the readers of Modern Drummer magazine in 2005 and 2006, and by the readers of DRUM! in 2006. He is also the author of It's Your Move and The Cycle of Self-Empowerment, and co-author of The Weaker Side and Drumset Duets (with Stephane Chamberland), Open-Handed Playing (with Claus Hessler), Eighth-Note Rock and Beyond (with Glenn Ceglia) and Pedal Control (with Joe Bergamini and Stephane Chamberland).

On December 21, 2012, Dom appeared on the national Fox TV show The Real Winning Edge.

He is involved in developing online teaching methods using websites, including Drumeo,[3] and SABIAN Educators Network (SEN).[4] He resides on Long IslandNew York with his wife and 3 sons.

Dom had created the first Wizdom Drumshed School in the world on Long Island (NY) many years ago ("Wizdom" being a mix of the words wizard and Dom). These schools are currently taking place across the globe in collaboration with Dom. In Quebec City, Canada run by Stephane Chamberland, in France run by Rob Hiron, in Paris run by Roger Rimbert and in Italy run by Massimo Russo.



  • Mapex Drums and Sabian Cymbals:
  • Mapex Drums - Any Finish
  • 10x9" Tom
  • 12x10" Tom
  • 14x14" Floor Tom
  • 16x16" Floor Tom
  • 22x18" Bass Drum
  • 14x5.5" Mapex Snare Drum
  • 13" HHX Hi-Hats (mounted under ride & china)
  • 14" HHX Hi-Hats
  • 21" HHX Ride
  • 17" HHX Crash
  • 18" HHX Crash
  • 18" HHX China
  • 20" HHX China
  • 12" HHX Splash
  • 10" HHX Splash


Dom FamularoVarious - DVD Sampler (Education Plus Inspiration) ‎(DVD, Smplr) Hudson Music UK2 2005

Renowned educators Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini have teamed up to bring you a complete method for improving the ability of your feet on the drumset. Unlike many other books, Pedal Control contains extensive information about the actual pedal strokes and techniques used by some of the world's top drummers, in addition to dozens of exercises that will help you use these techniques.

This book contains dozens of photographs that show the four pedal techniques discussed and the motions for various exercises. Also included is an MP3/data disc that contains over 200 tracks demonstrating nearly every example in the book, and high-quality QuickTime videos showing all the pedal stroke techniques!


Arriva l'edizione italiana del metodo scritto dal grande batterista e didatta americano Dom Famularo, in collaborazione con Joe Bergamini, It's Your move, A te la mossa. Un libro che risponde alle mille domande che l'autore si è sentito porre durante 40 anni di mestiere e 30 anni di lezioni, corsi, master da lui tenuti in giro per il mondo. "Gli esercizi che troverete all'interno di questo libro" dice Dom "hanno l'obiettivo di risvegliare in voi il piacere di suonare e la vostra creatività". Il titolo è espressione chiara dell'intento dell'autore che vuole, una volta fornite delle istruzioni, far ben capire che sta poi alla volontà di ciascuno reagire nel modo giusto per migliorare. Ma il titolo ha anche un altro significato, legato al modo fisico del suonare. Dom dice che "le tecniche qui esposte devono permettervi di esporre nel dettaglio il vostro approccio allo strumento e rimetterlo in discussione. Suonare la batteria consiste in una danza composta dei movimenti del corpo e che mira a esteriorizzare le nostre espressioni ed emozioni interiori... di conseguenza le nostre "azioni e emozioni". Ogni batterista deve scoprire i movimenti che convengono alla sua musica ed espressività".

Un libro nato a seguito della frequente richiesta rivolta a Dom Famularo dalle migliaia di batteristi da lui incontrati durante i suoi viaggi in più di 50 paesi del mondo: sviluppare il bilanciamento tra le mani e i piedi. Il lato debole rappresenta il primo passo in questa direzione. «Provate a immaginare» dice l'autore «quanto controllo potreste avere in più suonando se le vostre mani e i vostri piedi si equivalessero durante l'esecuzione!». Questo libro riguarda la programmazione della forza dei muscoli nella propria parte debole, con appositi esercizi pensati per esercitarsi e concentrarsi proprio sui muscoli più deboli, e porre l'attenzione alla parte meno usata del corpo. Un libro che insegna tecniche importanti per conseguire risultati importanti: essere in grado di produrre un suono fluido, rilassato, consistente e bilanciato. L'obiettivo finale è quello di essere in grado di suonare qualsiasi idea passi per la testa di un batterista. «Più sarete abili» dice Dom «più facilmente riuscirete a esprimere le vostre idee in modo efficace. Nell'arte tutto è espressione! La tecnica è l'abilità e il linguaggio per liberare ciò che sentite!».



A follow-up to the popular first volume, Open-Handed Playing, Vol. 2: A Step Beyond gives you a groundbreaking step-by-step approach to incorporating this cutting-edge style into your playing. By using linear and rudimental approaches, this book will even help a drummer who has always played with crossed hands. This is possible because the presented patterns will be familiar to both right- and left-handed players. This method also provides an incredibly creative and funky set of new tools to build the drumming vocabulary. The included CD features 8 play-along tracks.
"This is an interesting and challenging book suitable for the intermediate to advanced player, regardless of their leading hand."
- DRUMMER magazine
"This is a great resource that will definitely take your drumming up another notch and help untie knots and bad habits we drummers often develop. Four and a Half Stars!"