The XS20 series is introduced, replacing the Pro series.

The Paragon series, a collection of cymbals produced to the specifications of legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart, is introduced. “Neil visited the factory the fall of 2004, and after a quick lesson on anatomy properties, seemed to really have a high understanding of what cymbal properties appealed to him. After an extensive day of R&D and many long distance shipments of prototypes, we emerged from hundreds of possibilities with a truly unique signature cymbal.”

The Vault Crash series is launched. In addition to encompassing the range of crashes, the Vault series included the Artisan rides and absorbed Signature Artist cymbals from different lines with the intent of having them under one umbrella.

The Vault name was dissolved in 2010, the Signature cymbals returned to their respective lines, and the Vault crashes renamed V crashes.

The Legacy series is introduced, again in conjunction with Dave Weckl. These models built on the darker tone and projection of the Evolution series with the added complexity of a vintage-made cymbal.


The APX series is introduced.


The affordable SBR series is introduced.

The OMNI series is produced. The end product of years of R&D conducted alongside Jojo Mayer, these cymbals combine lathed and un-lathed textures as well as a super-thin edge for added complexity. Initially available in 18” and 22” models in AAX, the line expanded to include HHX and more sizes as well as hi-hats.

2013 Sabian founder Robert Zildjian passes at the age of 89.


Sabian begins consulting with Crescent on producing their cymbals in the Sabian factory.

Sabian purchases the Crescent cymbal company.

Designed to showcase Sabian’s breadth cymbal-making, the Big & Ugly series is introduced. Channeling the look and sound of antique Turkish cymbals, the line was introduced to compete with boutique cymbal companies. “It was like ‘Oh, the big companies don’t bother with these kinds of cymbals,’ and it was like ‘Well, we absolutely know how to make these kinds of cymbals. If you’d forgotten that we know how to make these kinds of cymbals, here you go,’” says Dave Williams.

The HH Remastered series is announced. The line builds on the original designs of Bob Zildjian and his team when the original HH line was launched in 1982 with added depth and complexity thanks to new, extensive hammering techniques.

The Vanguard series is introduced. An extension of the HH line, these cymbals incorporated existing Crescent series with concurrent Sabian development and research.

In tandem with the Vanguard series, the Crescent series is released. These are comprised of three Crescent lines absorbed into Sabian with reconceived production processes: the Stanton Moore, Hammertone, and Elements collections.

The XSR series is introduced, replacing the XS20s. This update features new hammering techniques in lines such as the Evolution and X-Plosion along with reshaped bells for a completely updated sonic profile.