Premier’s flagship drumset range is the culmination of a production history spanning every key move in modern popular music. Crafted from the highest quality materials, Elite gives you drums as true musical instruments.
Elite’s immediate history as a natural development from our Premier Series launched in 2003 has afforded us the ability to correctly assess the needs of today’s drummer and present them with an intelligent and exciting choice. Elite is all about you the drummer!
As standard we fit our flush fitting ISO mount. A close circumference design which allows close tom placement alongside the well documented sustain, extended tonality and separation that shell mounting allows. Each tom is fitted with 2.3mm triple-flange steel hoops (no longer available with die-cast).
Sound engineers both in recording and live situations have been quick to congratulate us on the great sound of these drums. Standard workshop fitting of Remo heads further compliment the Elite timbre.
Not reliant upon just one type of drum shell, our use of North American maple and birch offer the Elite player detailed control of their own sound. Each tom and floor tom shell is undersized by 3mm allowing the head to seat flatter over the bearing edge extending the resultant tone and sustain.
Birch produces very strong mid to top end frequencies and maple is well known for its inherent focus of lower mids; built as a 7-ply un-supported shell. Drummers looking for power and projection or warmth and articulation are well catered for.
Gen-X is our unique offering with a 7-ply shell combining both our carefully chosen birch and maple in a well researched ratio (2-ply birch on the outside and 5-ply maple on the inside) that delivers the key sonic features of the two.
The Premier Series Elite is the ultimate offering for any drummer. We are proud to offer stunning finishes which include vibrant woodgrain lacquers and lustrous sparkles in a combination of even-coat, fade, or burst applications. Why not opt for a finish identical to that of your favourite drummer?
A wide range of proven sizes are available as standard with the option of quick, standard, power or new short stack toms to choose from. All sizes of bass drum are catered for with the option of with or without a tom mount.

History is repeating itself with the relaunch of Genista Series. Through the '90s, Genista was the first choice for aspiring and professional drummers alike. Reintroduced in 2010, the Genista Series remains classic and distinctive in its sound and design but with more options available than ever before.
Genista shells are available in the classic 100% American birch and now 100% American maple. The shells are 5.6mm 7-ply thick and like all professional Premier drums, the toms and floor toms are 3mm undersized for easier, more-positive tuning and clearer sound quality. The shell finish is impeccable with a choice of stunning sparkle lacquers, high gloss lacquers or classic wraps and all internally lacquered.
What makes the Genista truly iconic is the distinctive lug design, finished in Diamond Chrome and perfectly complimented by the legendary 'P' badge.
American maple shells are fitted with a new die-cast ISO mount in Diamond Chrome whilst the American birch feature the more traditional mounting upon the shell to enhance the quality of the birch shell.

XPK Exclusive is packed with a host of features and an outstanding sound performance to offer incredible value for money. This quality pre-configured drum set provides drummers with the ideal balance of performance and style.
With 100% birch shells, the XPK Exclusive sounds bright with great attack straight out of the box and is perfect for any scenario - from the practice room, to the recording studio, to the stage.
Featuring durable black fittings, low-mass lugs and an ISO mounting system - designed to increase the sustain of the birch shell, every fine detail has been considered including 10-lug bass drums for optimum tuning, die-cast claw hooks with protective rubber plinths and a beautiful outer ash wood-grain.
Available in a choice of stunning satin finishes.


The XPK range is packed with a host of features and an outstanding sound performance, these drum sets offer incredible value for money and provide drummers with a quality set-up that is the ideal balance of performance and style.
With 100% birch shells, these kits sound bright with great attack straight out of the box and are perfect for any scenario - from the practice room, to the recording studio, to the stage. The overall sound is enhanced by the low-mass lugs and a solid ISO mounting system, both of which are designed to increase the sustain of the birch shell.
Every fine detail is considered on the XPK with die-cast claw hooks featuring protective rubber plinths so that your bass drum hoop will never be marked.
With a number of popular configurations and a choice of lacquer finishes, you can be sure that these kits will look great for years to come.

The APK range offers incredible value for money and has outstanding sound performance.
APK is one of the easiest drum kits to set-up and tune out of the box and with its 100% birch shells, it offers a more full-bodied tone suitable for any musical genre.
Using all of Premier’s experience, the APK is packed full of features that includes low-mass lugs, a fabulous chrome-plated ISO mounting system and a range stylish wraps that will keep your drums not only sounding great, but looking great for years to come.
Like the XPK, it carries the same little features such as the rubber plinths under the claw hooks to protect your investment.
The APK is available as a shell pack and offers the complete outfit; the right choice for sound, quality and price.

Heritage drum sets are a collection of retro inspired configurations that offer the player something a little different.
With 100% birch shells the Heritage range is unrivalled in its price point with each kit coming with a matching birch snare drum. Another nod to yesteryear are the retro style bass drum spurs and classic wraps - all inspired by Premier’s legacy.
A range of smaller set-ups offer a compact kit that can work both at home or on the stage and will neatly fit into the smallest of transport solutions.
If small isn't your thing then the Concert Tom kit takes you on a nostalgic trip to the 70s when some of the world's leading recording and performing drummers opted for these drums with their clear drumheads and black dot delivering a controlled sound. It also features classic mounted toms and a 14" x 6.5" matching snare drum.
Stand out from the crowd with the Heritage range from Premier.

The Powerhouse sets the standard for entry-level drum sets. The perfect starter outfit for budding drummers of any age, this kit delivers in sound and quality.
A solid performing drum set, it features matching wood hoops and snare drum that deliver the look and feel of drums much higher priced.
Available in two popular configurations, with a choice of retro-style wraps, the Powerhouse shell pack provides you with the ideal drum set to learn and develop your playing on.

Remember where you started...our Olympic kits continue to be extremely popular around the world with beginners and for those looking to start their musical journey. These drums sets suit any musical style and respond to the fastest and most dynamic of playing ensuring maximum satisfaction.
Olympic shells are produced from hand-selected basswood ply with a matching wooden snare, a feature often found on more expensive models.
All Olympic kits include durable double-braced hardware and a sturdy twin spring pedal. Select models are offered with a Synergy Pack that includes a 2-piece cymbal pack (hi-hat and crash/ride), throne and a pair of sticks that gives you the complete package.
Olympic by Premier has long been the number one choice for young and first-time drummers and you can be assured these kits will withstand the demand and performance as you begin your musical journey.
For younger players. the Junior kit is ideal for aspiring drummers who aren't ready for a full size kit. Finished in a hard-wearing and cool metallic silver wrap, this 5-piece mini-kit includes everything you need to practice your first beats - stands, pedal, cymbals, throne and sticks.