In a world full of clutter, rising above the fray is about cutting through the noise and chatter. And so, creating a striking visual statement as well as an inescapable aural singature is part and parcel of popular music culture. Enter Peace's Echoplasma kits-two jaw dropping configurations of sonic and visual marvel. Seamless acrylic shells may well be the most significant technological advances since the invention of the aluminum beer can. Add black nickel appointments, and the result is drum set as art, projecting an open, bombastic, high amplitude sound, replete with high-tech functionality, and looks that kill.

Just as music drives the technology, technology also drives music into new territory. New manufacturing processes and new materials have pushed musical horizons to previously unimaginable new world. While its visual beauty has made bubinga a popular choice for home furniture, in recent years piano and guitar manufacturers have turned to bubinga as other, better-known hardwoods have become less abundant. Nevertheless,its extreme hardness makes it difficult to bend. With its figured grain and rich color,bubinga was originally used exclusively as aveneer to dress up the shells for cosmetic purposes,but its superior acoustic properties-warm, punchy lows, bright, focused highs, and covering the full audio spectrum with great clarity-make it a great tone wood. Advances in machining and tooling have made working with the hard, dense wood, also known as African rosewood, a more practical matter. Peace is one of the few manufacturers that have the capability and the expertise to from drums made of this exotic hardwood. Peace's Kahuna series, named for the title of the high priest of pre-colonigl Hawaiian culture, are 9-ply, 100% bubinga shells construction. The Kahuna series sets feature tube lugs, die-cast claws, rimsmount toms, and come with Remo pinstripe heads, making the series a top choice for professionals and tone meisters worldwide. Stands and addittional hardware are available separately, and custom sizes are available by special order.

"These drums really sing ... Peace has created a high-end kit that's priced lower than many comparable models from other manufacturers." Modern Drummer, August 2006.
Having established itself as a cornerstone of quality and value in the drum industry, Peace's flagship Paragon series sets a new standard for excellence at an earthly price. Selecting only the finest Canadian Rock Maple, known for killer tone and durability, Paragon shells are formed, treated, and finished by hand, one at a time. The inner shells and bearing edges are formed finished and then sealed repeatedly for optimum projection and tone.The Paragon series features Peace's proprietary, patented Lug Integrated Flogting Tom Suspension(LIFTS) system. LIFTS crescent mounts. This not only assures less stress to crucial tunung points, but it also makes changing heads while the tom is mounted a most useful reality. Like other boutique drum kits in its in class, Paragon series sets are customizable, allowing players to create a totally personalized set-up. Customizability means one can opt for bass drums with tom mounting brackets or not (regularly the kick deum world come sans mount). Unlike every other Peace drum set series, Paragon drums ship as shell packs only; stand and pedals are not included. The complete selection of lacquer finishes is offered. Given the multiplicity of shell size and finishes to choose from, full prepayment is required on any Paragon shells not in stock at Peace USA ; typical lead-time is 8-12 weeks.

"A pro-level kit at a very affordable price." DRUM! August 2006. Drums of astonishing quailty and craftsmanship, Peace developed atomic sparkle lacquer finishes to adorn its DNA series to impart a look as striking as its sound. Black trim mounted hardware completes the rakishly moden visage, but chrome is also available as a special order item (full prepayment required) for those desiring a more traditional look. The kit utilizes 9-ply maple shells with low mass. low profile lugs and creacent mounts, allowing the warmth and power of maple to resonate with a ten-lug matching maple snare. The DNA series is offered in two packaged five-piece versions-as a power rock kit or as a jazz-fusion set (14"x12" tom is a floating tom). Both include heavy-duty hardware.

The Bee-Bopp kit is the most compact professional quality drum set offered by Peace. Since not every venue can accommodate a drum set with a large footprint, and many gigs can be played handily with a smaller,more portable kit, the 4-pc. X3 is ideal for many applications, without sacrificing sound quality, playability, or looks. All four included drums have 9-ply all maple shells, and each stands independently for sonic clarity and optimum projection. The two toms come with Crescent mounts for improved shell resonance, and the kit also includes the DA-143 Bass Drum Lift, a hip little device that elevates the batter side of the 18" bass drum so the beater strikes dead center on the head for maximum volume and sweetest sound. A heavy-duty, chain-drive bass drum pedal, snare stand, tom stand, hi-hat stand, and dual-purpose straight/boom cymbal stand are also included .Cleary, a case where less is more.

The new, redesigned Onyx set, Peace's best selling lacquer finish kit, is better than ever. Still boasting the same sonically potent and desirable features as earlier incarnations, by popular demand the largest tom included with new production versions of the set will be a 14"x14" floor tom with legs-no longer a suspended14x12. Available with chrome or original black trim appointments, either Onyx variant barks with serious tone thanks to the precision crafting that goes into the allow the shells to sing freely.

For years, the Peace Catalog has included the Terra R-A-X kit for drummers insisting on the benefits afforded by rack mounting: precise,consistent placement, ergonomic and set-up flexibility, and major style point. Especially in the current era, with the great diversity of musical styles and variety of gig opprtunities, drummers often need to tailor their set-up differently from job to job. For all those occasions, the drum rack proves invaluable as a mounting platform for electronic pads, percussion, and other contraptions.
The new rack outfit represents a significant makeover, including a stunning new finish called Bronze Star. different shell size, a new rack, and upgraded mounting hardware. Natural maple bass drum hoops are a new accent, as are the bass drum claws. The upgraded kit features Peace's duotone low-mass, low profile lugs,and toms utilize L-rod/posts for flexible positioning and hassle-free set-up and tear-down. A drum kev is the only tool needed to adjust the new DA-231 rack clamps. The clamps will also accept traditional tube style arms, and memory locks are also included with each tom clamp. The kit comes with new DA-233 clamp-to-post adapters, hugely useful for mounting drum, percussion, and accessory components to the rack. In response to feedback from drummers, a snare stand replaces the rack-mounted boom arm and basket. Additional rack components are available separately. so customizability is easy and affordable.


Peace's new DP-210 Adonis kit is designed with working musicians in mind, but it's also an ideal kit for those looking to step up from a starter kit to something more rugged. Great for all styles of music and keeping the beat in the pocket. you don't need deep pockets to afford one. If you're still your own roadie and drum tech, and you sometimes need to get onto and off a stage in a hurry, this kit fits the bill.Black trim appointments accent the wrapped 9-ply mahogany shells to create a serious vibe. Abundant useful features include Peace's new DA-277BK single-post,dual-tom,ball-and-socket mounts for positioning flexbility, crescent mounts and duotone low mass lugs for maximum shell resonance, and double-braced series 600 hardware that is sturdy without being cumbersome.

X4 Series is the extension of Peace's Classic, but much easier to carry and looks more professional. The cymbal boom stand is designed to be closer to the floor which shows the stability is higher than others. You might think the stand is quiet heavy since the tube is thick. Don't worry about the weight because it's not that ponderous as you see. Instead, it's light to carry! X4 is four-piece with 9-ply Mahogany drum set which includes a snare stand, cymbal stand, cymbal boom stand, and hi-hat stand. Moreover, the suspension system is rigid enough so that it can endure drummer's powerful hit; and the Tom Tom holder-DA 141 aives it 360° placement freedom to adjust the position you want. X4 Series can be said the classic of classics and can bring you the perfect enjoyment!
To meet with the standard of classical drums set, X4 Series is made up for you! It's the extension of Peace's Classic series, but much easier to carry and looks more professional. The hardware is designed for flat base that comes extremely stability as the perfect companion. X4 is four-piece drums which has streamlined low-mass single lug with righ suspension system which can afford drummer's powerful hit; and the Tom Tom holder-DA 141 gives it 360° placement freedom to adjust the position you want. Don't wait; just bring them back to see what kind of fantastic journey they bring to you!

Prodigy Series
Once again in the forefront of the music industry, Peace Musical introduces the new Prodigy Series to the world. The series is offered in three different sizes, and each size is available in a choice of chrome or black hardware. The size options make the Prodigy the ideal starter kit for aspiring players of all ages-from six to sixty. A complete outfit manfactured at Peace's factory complex in Taiwan,the five-piece set includes hardware, throne , cymbals, and sticks. Stands are double-braced, shells are durable 9-ply poplar, lugs are low-mass, space-age composite construction, and the kits also feature Peace's new Y-style tom holder-adding up to a rugged outfit that sounds and looks like drums much higher up the food chain, another sensational value that the world has come to expect from the design team and craftspeople at Peace.

Genesis Series
Every drummer buying their first kit, all want a great start and want the same four things. A kit that sounds great, that is durable enough to take a hit, with a cool look and all wrapped up at an affordable price. With all of this, and keeping the beginning drummer in mind, Peace introduces the Genesis Series. Built at the Peace factory by the same craftsmen that manufacture our Paragon and Kahuna Series of kits, the Genesis is a complete five-piece drum set that includes everything a drummer needs. The Genesis features all Black Raven Plate, double-braced stands that inclundes a basket style snare stand,boom cymbal stand and chain driven bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand. With most beginning complete drum sets coming in one standard configuration. The Genesis comes in two configurations of your choice. Available colors are Black, Fuchsia and Arctic Blue.

Junior Drum Kits

Manhattan Kit
Peace presents the cocktail kit redefined. The Manhattan kit is a totally protable stand-up drum set that heralds significant innovations to the classic nightclub cocktail kit. Rather than a single drum that doubles as a kick and snare, the Manhattan kit has two separate, concentrically mounted drums. A revers cam pedal articulates the 14”x18” bass drum,and a sound-off pad is included to help minimize cross talk between the snare and bass drum. The outfit also includes a matching, mounted 10”x5” tom, and two additional arms are provided, so cymbals, closed hats or a cowbell may be added if desired.
The new Manhattan kit expands upon the innovations first incorporated on the classic nightclub cocktail kitBy Peace early in the millennium. Originally conceived out of the need for a small footprint kit for tiny stages, the totally portable stand-up drum set is built around a 5.5”x14” snare drum concentrically mounted atop an 18”x14” bass drum. The new kit now includes two toms instead of one, and redesigned cymbal and hi-hat arms improve set-up and positioning flexibility.
Among the improvements to the cocktail kit, the tom arm has been redesigned, allowing the tom to be positioned at any desired angle to suit one’s playing style.

JPE Series
Peace Musical is an expert on producing acoustic drums. JPE is the first revolutionary hybrid drums innovated by Peace. JPE, which stands for Jazz, Practice, and Electronic, is a unique multi-functional drums set. It is built with real drum shells, hardware, and real drum heads. JPE gives players a realistic feel of acoustic drums. As the name stands for, the product is designed to allow drummers to effortlessly interchange the set between traditional acoustic drums set, tranquilly practice drums, and electronic kit without changing drums heads. Conversion from an acoustic to electronic kit and vice versa is quick and easy with the built-in patent system. Drummers only need to adjust the tension rods on the shell side of each drum to convert the kit into acoustic/electronic. The drum set features 18” Bass drum,10”,12”,14”toms, and a 14” snare drum.

Camouflage Kit
You know this familiar lament: You want to play your drums, but the neighbors complain about the noise. Now any drummer can keep pesky neighbors at bay and still keep their chops up with the Peace Camouflage kit. This compact set-up comes with a set of specially designed fabric mesh drumheads that deliver the same feel as regular heads-but without the sound. When it's time to play that gig and space is scarce, the Camouflage changes into a tight acoustic kit simply by switching to standard drumheads (which also come with the kit and are handy when the neighbors are on vacation). It's simple : when you want drums do talk, they will; when you don't, the Camouflage can whisper.