22" Traditional Jazz Ride - MISURE 20" E 22"

22" Traditional Jazz Ride

Musical and Omnipresent stick sound. Lower pitched, dark wash and explosive crashing capabilities. Great for nearly any style of music.

22" XIST Dry Dark Ride - MISURE 19" E 22"

22" XIST Dry Dark Ride

A dry, well defined attack with a quick and musical decay and mellow crash. Akin to the sound of many classic breakbeats and sought after jazz ride sounds.

20" Sultan Ride - MISURE 19" E 20"

20" Sultan Ride

Open and smooth. Full bodied responses. Controlled spreading. Nice bell definition for all around use.

22" Turk Jazz Ride - MISSURE 20", 22", 24"

22" Turk Jazz Ride

A thinner weight and wider bell shape give the Turk Jazz ride a darker, lower and softer sound, with a controlled wash.